Mobile App Security

Mobile App Security

With the increase of mobile Internet usage, mobile app security testing has turn into a critical part of protecting users and organizations from cyber attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps.The competition for mobile users is savage. Our teams must rapidly deliver high-quality mobile apps Security in order to satisfy user expectations. But they require to organize accelerated progress deadlines is commonly at odds with rigid pressures and the need for enough mobile app testing to avoid the risk of a serious breach.

Traditional testing solutions contain frequently been time-consuming and tricky to use, leading progress teams to cut corners on Mobile app security testing. we provides an substitute resolution – a suite of mobile app security testing solutions that facilitate development teams to easily and competently integrate mobile app security testing throughout the development process.

Benefits to your Business

Visibility and control

As enterprises grow, the number of mobile apps they build up also increases, leading to unmanageable apps that are complex to protected and govern. Rakshaniti provides the improved control over authentication, data access and data synchronization. This Service shift in app development also improves visibility and better leverages existing assets.


Mobile apps are both an opportunity and a challenge for organizations looking to improve worker productivity and customer experiences. A concrete mobile application strategy, from procurement to organization to development, will put you ahead of the competition.


Mobile app Security also helps organization to satisfy security requirements by embedding security features straight in the app.

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Mobile App Security
Annual Price $349.16
$34.92/ Month
  • Android Application security testing
  • Data Storage and Privacy Analysis
  • Footprint analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment

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Annual Price $349.16
$34.92/ Month
  • Android Application security testing
  • Data Storage and Privacy Analysis
  • Footprint analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment
Annual Price $698.33
$67.04/ Month
  • Standard/Regulation Based Requirement Assessment
  • Encryption testing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Incident Response
Starting From $1337.93 PA
  • Secure Email Gateway
  • Maintenance
  • Incident Response
  • Dedicated security experts

Basic Includes
These Great Features

  • Communication MITM Testing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • API security tests
  • SSH client/server tests
  • SQL/XSS/CSRF injection testing
  • FTP client/server tests

Advance Includes
Everything in Basic +

  • Standard/Regulation Based Requirement Assessment
  • Risk Profiling and applied business logic inclusion
  • Risk Intelligence Data Analysis
  • Impact Review analysis
  • WebApp/Software Firewall config testing

Resilient Includes
Everything in Advance +

  • Information/Data Handing process Review/analysis
  • Dedicated Security Experts
  • Advance Monitoring
  • Custom Encryption (with all security product, subscription and support) Corporate Solution
  • Incident Response readiness Analysis
  • Advanced API Security Implementation

* Pricing Per Mobile App (Android , IOS and Windows)