Incident Response

Incident Response

Impact Review

Assess the Incident impact and review facts about actual severity and losses.

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Cyber Incident Impact Assessment is an integral part of Incident response and management.  It is a process by which the anticipated effects on reputation and infrastructure are measured to inform the decision making process stakeholders. This process can often be seen as complex and confusing, particularly for key stakeholders. However, if managed well it offers an opportunity to de-risk incident and enhance reputation.


Investigate every aspect of an incident to detect and fend off attacker quickly.

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Investigations can provide insights into where an attack originated from, how a compromise happened, what resources were compromised, what data was lost, and more, along with a timeline for the incident. Being able to reconstruct and analyze an incident helps to inform and improve organizational defenses to ensure that similar incidents don’t happen in the future.


Mitigate the incidents and attack vectors quickly to prevent the possible recurrence.


We are passionate about finding Needle in Massive Haystacks.

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Leverage state-of-the-art capabilities, intelligence and forensic expertise to identify and reveal the truths.


Availability to Destruction, recovering fast is priority.

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Cyber threats can result in the denial of access to, the theft of, or the destruction of information and systems.

Manage Reputation

Information is the new Reputation, Managing it Should be a priority.

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Damage done to Digital wellbeing as a result of cyber security incidents can undermine public confidence in organizations and consume significant resources to respond to. It takes ages to build Reputations, but when it comes to re creating from the damaged one- we make rapid strides. From white listing genuine resources to taking down Attacker resources is what we do perform on day to day basis.