Email Security

Email Security

Email plays a key role in the workplace so, it’s significant to protect your Organization from email threats and information leaks. Beyond defensive against inbound malware, spam and phishing. It’s also essential to protect sensitive data by leveraging encryption technology.

Email Security allows you to set up strong Email Security policies as a first step in routing email to users. We can create detailed firewall rules based on your needs. Even set up policies for Secure Email Gateways. Advance Business email security implementation from our email security experts adds resiliency against most targeted attack vectors.

Benefits to your Business

Visibility and control

Rakshaniti E-mail Security Service provides the newest shield without the difficulty. You get greater visibility and intelligence over your E-mail systems and security threats, and control over actions taken.


With our E-mail Security Service in place, system performance is improved and, as a result, productivity is given a measurable boost. Inboxes are de-cluttered and there are less calls to your service desk for email-related issues. By efficient use of security implementation and proactive monitoring you can ensure your organization’s email is protected and better focus on business goals.


Rakshaniti Email Security Service will help you comply with regulations related to your business. We will protect your corporate information and the reputation of your business.

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Annual Price $25.15
$6.99/ Quarterly
  • Policy/Program Review
  • Information gathering
  • Assessment criteria Review
  • Vulnerability Assessment

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Basic Includes
These Great Features

  • Compliance Based Requirement Assessment
  • Pentesting Automated
  • DMARC,SPF,DKIM Testing
  • Authentication Testing
  • DLP Assesment

Advance Includes
Everything in Basic +

  • Attacks & Simulation
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Social Engineering Tests
  • Impact Review analysis
  • Information/Data Handing process
  • Review/analysis
  • Email Security Awareness Training
  • DLP Consulting & Support

Resilient Includes
Everything in Advance +

  • Attacks & Simulation
  • Email Security Advance monitoring
  • Custom encryption (with all security product, subscription and support) – corporate solution
  • Risk Profiling and applied business logic inclusion
  • Risk Intelligence Data Analysis
  • Testing Against Well known(Desired) Exploits
  • DMARC Monitoring & Reporting
  • Industry Threat Intelligence
  • Dedicated Secure Email Servers Hosting

* Price Per Use User / Per Month