Vulnerability Scanning

Scan your App for any Hole or vulnerabilities at any stage of Application

Security Testing

Test it from every angle an attacker could have imagined to try.

Security hardening

Harden the framework and infrastructure enough to keep the threats away .


Get Your app Continuously monitored and defend from any kind of threats.

Security Management

Get your security jobs done by specialist at it.

Managed Solutions

Whatever it takes for security of your app you need from us all the times

about our agency

Rakshaniti is a fast growing, highly skilled and motivated team of certified security professionals dedicated to excellence in Information Security.
Our approach is to form long-term partnerships with our customers. This ensures consistency and builds an understanding of each organisation’s unique profile so that we can better advise on security risks.
Secure code review, Vulnerability Scanning, Risk rating and custom profiling, Manual Analysis and Reports, Reverse Engineering and footprint analysis
Scan it
Application Penetration testing, Infrastructure Testing, Reverse engineering , Penetration testing
Test It
Hardening consulting and services, Vulnerability patching and patch management, Code Fixes
Open Source issues
Continues Expert Security Monitoring , Actionable Intelligence , Detection and Alerts
Keep an eye
Co sourced on demand expertise, SLA based Delivery , On Site Deployment , Managed Services
Specialist at help
Tailored Security Program, Threat Intelligence, Managed Incident Response, Vulnerability identification, Remediation
Bring peace
The Rakshaniti Approach
Understand Client Needs
Innovative Information Assurance
Cyber Security Services & Solutions
Deliver Results