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Security hardening

Harden the framework and infrastructure enough to keep the threats away .

Security hardening

Harden the framework and infrastructure enough to keep the threats away .

Vulnerability Scanning

Scan your App for any Hole or vulnerabilities at any stage of Application

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Security as consideration at earliest stage enables developers find and fix flaws quickly to strengthen the life cycle and reduce the costs. It is intended to find and fix mistakes introduced into an application in the development phase, improving both the overall quality of systems and the developers’ skills. Tools are able to use to execute this task but they at all times need Human confirmation. Tools do not recognize context, which is the keystone of security code review. It is actually vulnerable, and calculates the threat to the enterprise.

Test Security Defenses by penetrating it quickly against certain tasks, improve testing efficiency and discover issues that might be difficult to find using manual analysis techniques alone. Automated tests provide quick information on specific security requirements and attempts to exploit the threats to determine whether unauthorized access or other activity is possible.

Systems and devices made to work efficiently up to the level user needs, it doesn’t mean its completely secure. Computers and Electronic devices often come with great ability and thousand of features loaded into it, some are required and some might be not. Often General use computing resources do lack security configuration and same results in un manageable situations when something goes wrong. Security Hardening Computing resources and Devices will help avoiding too many risks and might reduce costs as well.

Ever evolving threats needs to be monitored by Security Experts

Improve your organization’s cyber security posture.


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Rakshaniti is a fast growing, highly skilled and motivated team of certified security professionals dedicated to excellence in Information Security.

Our approach is to form long-term partnerships with our customers. This ensures consistency and builds an understanding of each organisation’s unique profile so that we can better advise on security risks.

Range of our services covers all the fields of Information Technology which are prevalent in conventional and non-conventional business ventures.All our team members know that relating to our customers is vital to providing an achievable level of security following our pragmatic approach to budget and risk.

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Secure code review, Vulnerability Scanning, Risk rating and custom profiling, Manual Analysis and Reports, Reverse Engineering and footprint analysis
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Application Penetration testing, Infrastructure Testing, Reverse engineering , Penetration testing
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Hardening consulting and services, Vulnerability patching and patch management, Code Fixes
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Continues Expert Security Monitoring , Actionable Intelligence , Detection and Alerts
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Co sourced on demand expertise, SLA based Delivery , On Site Deployment , Managed Services
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Tailored Security Program, Threat Intelligence, Managed Incident Response, Vulnerability identification, Remediation

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